Online Account Application for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Welcome to HDFC Bank NRI Banking Services. Open an Account with us in 3 easy steps -

  1. Fill and submit the online application form. A PDF version of the complete application will be generated on submission
  2. Upload the scanned copies of required documents for verification
  3. Send us the printed and signed PDF with self-attested copies of approved documents

What do I need to apply?

  • Passport Details
  • Your Personal Information
  • Co-applicant's Personal Information (if applicable)
  • Employment Details

Once you've entered and saved your information in the first section of the online form, you will be e-mailed an Application Reference Number which you can use to re-access your application at any time, till your account is activated.

Note : Customers holding a local saving account can re-designate the same into an NRO Account. For more information click here.

Continue Online Application

If you have filled up the form partially, complete your online application form by submitting the following identification details.